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Sutton Middle High School Library: Health - Cullen

Examples of PSAs

Public Service Announcements

Often in the form of commercials PSAs are created to persuade an audience to take action by providing information. PSAs can

  • create awareness
  • show the importance of a problem or issue
  • convey information
  • or promote a behavioral change.

1. Choose a Topic

Choose a topic that matters to you. Here's a list of topics to get you started.

  • Stress Management
  • Personal Safety
  • Bullying
  • Healthy Eating
  • Safety in Sports
  • Food Allergies
  • Domestic Violence
  • Tobacco, Smoking and/or Vaping
  • Healthy, Happy Lifestyle
  • Alcohol and/or Drugs
  • Benefits of Sleep
  • Peer Pressure
  • Social Media

What do you want to tell people about your topic? 

2. Research

Research your topic and find accurate, current information from reliable sources.

Be sure to save information needed for your Works Cited page

3. Plan & Design Your Message

Use a storyboard to plan and design your commercial. A storyboard is a visual way to plan the action for TV shows or videos. Movie directors and animators use storyboards to plot their thinking and ideas.

  • Use the blank boxes on the storyboard template to draw images of what they want to show on the screen.
  • Plan the audio portion of the video on the lines underneath the boxes. The Audio lines will contain details about the PSA’s music, sound effects, and dialogue.
  • On the SFX line, write any special effects you plan to use, such as distortion, blur, and color alteration.
  • Finally, on the Text line, write any text, such as titles or credits you want to show on the screen.

4. Write the Script

Grab your audience's attention. You might use visual effects, an emotional response, humor, or surprise to catch your target audience. Be careful, however, of using scare tactics.  

Your commercial will be 1 minute long.

  • Type your script using a shared Google Doc.
  • Add links to images or videos you plan to use on the Google Doc.


5. Record Your Video

There are many options for recording your video. You can use an app like iMovie, or come to the library to use our green screen with an app like Touchcast.