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Sutton Middle High School Library: little bits

littleBits Index

For a quick search of the bits in your kit, open the bit index below.

If you need more information, check out the littleBits Bitopedia

Getting Started

  1. Using the bit index inside your kit, check to see that your kit includes all of the bits.
  2. Make sure all bits are in working condition. 
    • Attach the 9v battery to the power cord. 
    • Make sure the power cord is attached securly to the power bit (p1 or p7).
    • Look up each of your bits using the bit index on this page. Attach the bits to the power bit or complete the sample circuit (if possible).
  3. Try out the simple projects found in your booklet.
  4. Create your own invention!
  5. If you need a bit that is not included in your kit, send Ms. Farmer an email. If we have one in the library, you may check it out.