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Sutton Middle High School Library: Sphero

New to Sphero? Start here and code Sphero to make a square with lights and sounds.

The following videos have been embedded into this libguide from the following website:

Please visit this site for more details and directions.

Blocks 1 - Step 2: Exploration - App Overview

Blocks 1 - Step 3: Skills Building - Program a Square

Blocks 1 - Step 4: Skills Building - Refactoring With Loops

Blocks 1 - Step 5: Challenge - Lights & Sounds

Getting Started

Prepare your Sphero:

  1. Using the index printed on the back of your booklet, check to see that your kit is complete. 
  2. Connect the power adapter into the charging station.
  3. When you plug the power adapter into an outlet, the charging station should light up.
  4. Place the Sphero on the charging station. Sphero should light up.
  5. Once it is charged, remove Sphero from the charging station and double tap it to wake it up. 

Once you have downloaded the Sphero EDU app to your device, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Connect to Robot." Select the robot that is showing a connection. The bars will be changing to blue.
  2. Once connected, begin a new program. Click on "Programs" at the bottom of your screen and then click on the plus symbol (+).
  3. Give a name to your program and select the type of coding program you want to use (Draw, Blocks, or Text). I suggest using blocks first. Then click on "Create."
  4. Aim your robot by clicking on "Aim" in the top right of your screen. Place your robot directly in front of you. On your device, press and hold down on the blue dot. Drag the aim ring until Sphero's blue light faces you.

Create programs!

  1. Try the tutorials on this page.
  2. Complete one of the challenges on this page or create your own invention!
  3. You may check out Sphero accessories from the library. There are ramps, terrain parks, measuring tape, chariots and Hexnub covers.
  4. Search on the internet for Sphero inventions.

Sphero Challenges

Create a...

  • game (sports, missions, etc.)
  • maze or obstacle course (code Sphero to get through challenges like bridges, walls, rocks and other conflicts)
  • story (draw the setting, code Sphero to read the story while "walking" through the plot)
  • quiz (code Sphero to answer the questions or make a race for students to get to the right answer first)
  • timeline or journey (follow the path of a character or historical figure)
  • dance (choreograph a dance and make Sphero dance to the music)
  • drawing (make Sphero paint a picture.)
  • map (of your home, school, town, the solar system, etc.)
  • contraption (put Sphero on a mission to carry objects from one place to another, etc.)
  • Sphero City (take Sphero on a field trip to the zoo, amusement park, city, etc.)